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Integrity First Financial Services offers assistance to borrowers in difficult situations and unable to meet their monthly payments. For some people, mortgage short sales provide a viable solution to foreclosure. We are able to provide comprehensive services through our network of professionals with detailed knowledge of property short sales, including real estate agents, mortgage bankers, and lenders.

Real estate short sales allow homeowners to walk away from the property and avoid foreclosure, which minimizes the impact on your credit score. Short sale properties are generally sold for less than the full balanced owed on the mortgage. In this type of arrangement, the lender agrees to accept a short sale payoff that is less than the balance owed. Short sale mortgages are often greater than the current market value of the home, as a result of the recent losses in the real estate market.

We are knowledgeable and experienced in short sale negotiation to negotiate a favorable agreement with your lender on your behalf. Our partners in real estate short sales provide a network of real estate agents, loss mitigation specialists and attorneys with knowledge of the laws and regulations in each state and an understanding of the policies of various lenders to provide you with the most favorable agreement possible.

At Integrity First Financial Services, we provide short sales help to help homeowners resolve financial problems with as little lasting financial impact as possible. The first step in the short sale process is to determine your eligibility. Please browse our website to learn more about the options available to prevent foreclosure. Contact us for additional short sale information and to discuss your situation with an expert in mortgage short sales and determine whether short sale is the best alternative for you.

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