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Short Sale Services

Avoid Foreclosure with Short Sale Services

The mortgage crisis in America has resulted in millions of foreclosures. Experts predict more foreclosures continuing in the coming months. Before resorting to foreclosure, homeowners need to learn their rights and discover some of the alternatives to the full foreclosure process. Short sale is one alternative to foreclosure that allows you to sell your home and avoid the negative affect on your credit.

In a short sale, the lender agrees to let the homeowner sell the property for less than the full amount owed on the mortgage and accepts that amount as payment on the loan. The falling real estate prices have prevented many homeowners in default from selling their homes for full value. Short sale provides a solution for these homeowners struggling in the current real estate market.

Foreclosure has devastating affects on your credit score and will impair your ability to secure credit for years. A short sale will have a much less negative affect on your credit and you will be able to recover and rebuild your credit score in much less time than if your home is lost to foreclosure.

Benefits of Professional Short Sale Services

A short sale specialist can guide you through the short sale process and negotiate terms with your lender to help you get the most from your home and avoid foreclosure. Beginning with determining if short sale is the right solution for your financial troubles, a professional has the knowledge of short sale processing and can help you salvage your financial future and move forward.

Short sale services are designed to inform you of the process and steps required to come to a short sale agreement with your lender. Experienced short sale professionals are knowledgeable about short sale processing and can inform you of your rights and requirements of lenders. In addition, they can negotiate the most favorable agreement possible for your short sale.

There are consequences at tax time to a short sale. The difference between the short sale and the amount owed on your mortgage is considered a gift from the lender to you according to the Internal Revenue Service. A short sale specialist can provide information about any financial consequences to the homeowner that may result from a short sale agreement.

In addition, a professional short sale specialist can inform you of any government incentives that may be available to you. There are programs available to assist homeowners and you can learn if you qualify for any programs to create the least amount of burden possible to your family in this difficult time.

When seeking short sale services, it is important to choose a company that is knowledgeable and experienced in short sale processing. Ask about their track record and how many homeowners they have helped with short sale services. You want a company that has helped many homeowners find a viable alternative to foreclosure.

Integrity First Financial Services, LLC offers professional short sale services with qualified and experienced professionals available to assist you. Our goal is to help homeowners find the best alternative to foreclosure to help you avoid the negative consequences that can result from a foreclosure. Browse our website to learn more about our services and how we have helped homeowners avoid foreclosure and get out of debt without filing for bankruptcy.

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