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Short-Sale Services

How can Short-Sales help you?

Integrity First Financial Services, LLC is currently working with lenders nationwide to solve foreclosure problems. We have a vast network of Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, Mortgage Bankers and Institutional Lenders who have joined us in a collaborative approach to deliver solutions to help homeowners prevent foreclosure.

Falling behind on your mortgage payment and dealing with the dreaded possibility of foreclosure can be a traumatic experience and extremely stressful. If you are currently behind on your mortgage payments – or foresee that you will soon be unable to continue making your payments – there are options available. Navigating the foreclosure and short sale process can be daunting and negotiating an acceptable workout on your own may be difficult.

Integrity First Financial Services, LLC offers loss mitigation solutions to prevent foreclosure through Short Sale or Deed in Lieu transactions. If a short sale is the best solution, we offer short sale services to help solve your problems even if your home is worth less than the balance of your mortgage.

A short sale is also known as a short pay off or pre-foreclosure sale. In real estate short sales, the lender agrees to accept less than the amount owed by the borrower via the sale of the property to a third party. As part of the agreement, the lender releases the borrower from the mortgage, thereby preventing foreclosure.

When you work with Integrity First Financial Services and the Bressler-Duyk Law Firm, you have the benefit of expert advice from loss mitigation specialists, licensed real estate agents and attorneys acting on your behalf. The attorneys at Bressler-Duyk act as your authorized agent to negotiate the short sale with your lender. We have carefully selected the most ethical and experienced professionals for our affiliated partners. By working to negotiate a higher price, the lender has to accept a smaller deficiency in short sale mortgages.

Why Integrity First Financial Services?

Integrity First Financial Services is a national leader in short sale processing and negotiating. Our loss mitigation specialists, licensed real estate agents and affiliates have decades of combined experience in all areas of the mortgage and real estate industries to provide comprehensive and effective short sales help.We offer assistance with mortgage short sales in all 50 states. Our loss mitigations specialists and attorneys have extensive knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations applicable to each foreclosure situation in every state.

What are the advantages of a short sale?

Real estate short sales minimize the negative impact on the homeowner’s credit. A foreclosure remains on your credit report for 7 years, while new regulations for short sale reduce the negative impact and waiting time to secure a new mortgage to 2-3 years depending on your mortgage lender. Your FICO score is not as negatively impacted as a foreclosure while minimizing the financial exposure and liability of the homeowner.

The biggest difference between foreclosure and short sales is the deficiency, or the difference between the contract offer and the amount owed to the bank. When lenders foreclose, they sell the property at a significant discount. Although property short sales are sold at a discount, the difference is greatly reduced, saving the lender money.

When negotiating a short sale, the negotiation of the deficiency is vital. The difference can cost you thousands. Integrity First Financial Services and the Bressler-Duyk Law Firm offer short sale help by aggressively pursuing deficiency negotiations for the most favorable agreement possible.

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