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At Integrity First Financial Services, LLC, our goal is to assist homeowners to prevent foreclosure. We are professionals with years of experience in the credit and mortgage industries, financial services and real estate law working to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and regain control of their financial security.

Your home should be the foundation of your financial security, not a source of fear or insecurity. We can help you put the pieces together by finding viable solutions for your situation.

Integrity First Financial Services, LLC specializes in resolution of mortgage delinquencies or home foreclosure claims on behalf of you, the homeowner. We perform a detailed financial analysis of your circumstances and work with you to help you determine the best alternatives to your financial problems such as loan modification, helping customers refinance mortgages, provide short sale services and other debt relief options. We review your lenders loss mitigation policies and your state’s foreclosure law to make sure we give you the best service possible.

We Help You Understand Your Options:


  • Loan Modification is available on conventional loans and a very limited number of VA loans with lender or investor approval.
  • VA Loan Modification/Refunding is available for VA loans only. At least 30 days is needed to process this request.
  • Short Sales or Pre-Foreclosure Sales
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Forbearance or repayment plan
  • Special Forbearance for FHA loans only
  • Partial Claim for FHA mortgages and some Freddie Mac investor loans


During this difficult economic time in our country, you may be facing some issues that are preventing you from sleeping at night. You are not alone and options are available. By working with you and your lender, we can tailor a resolution to meet your specific criteria and financial circumstances.

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