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Loan Modification Services

Mortgage loan modification is designed to assist people who are unable to continue making regular monthly mortgage payments. Generally, having a change in your income, expenses or an increase in your mortgage payment makes borrowers eligible for mortgage loan modifications. A home loan modification can provide a viable option to help homeowners prevent foreclosure.

A loan modification is an agreement that revises, or modifies, the terms of the original mortgage note. This is designed to lower the monthly mortgage payment to a level that the homeowner can afford. Modification provides a long term mortgage solution. Integrity First Financial Services offers loan modification services to assist homeowners in finding a solution to foreclosure.

The first step is a consultation with home loan modification specialist to determine whether you qualify for loan modification help. We work with homeowners to find the best solution in each unique situation. For modifications, we will help you complete the loan application package for mortgage loan modification, submit the request, and negotiate the terms of your loan.

When the lender makes the decision to agree to modification, we will review the offer. Our goal is to negotiate and find a solution that is in your best interests and provides a real and lasting solution to foreclosure. Please browse our website to learn more about mortgage loan modifications and contact us by telephone or through our website to learn more about our loan modification services or to learn how we can help you avoid foreclosure.

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