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Are you having a difficult time keeping up with your finances? Are high interest rates on credit cards making it impossible to get control of spiraling debt? Are you having trouble making your minimum monthly payments? You are not alone. The skilled debt negotiators in our debt settlement program use proven techniques for debt negotiation and debt reduction. Debt settlement is an effective method for resolving your debt worries without bankruptcy or credit card debt consolidation companies whom actually work for credit card companies.

Integrity First Financial Services, LLC is an industry leader in debt relief. Through effective debt negotiation, we have been able to assist clients in settling a variety of unsecured debts, including credit card debt settlement, lines of credit, medical bills and vehicles in repossession without resorting to bankruptcy. We understand the stress that results from an inability to meet your monthly financial obligations and we promise to work with you throughout the debt settlement process.

Debt settlement, which is also known as debt relief or debt negotiation services, is an aggressive alternative to bankruptcy. Often, creditors are motivated to reduce the amount owed on an account to avoid losing any chance of collecting on the account if the individual is forced to file for bankruptcy therefore motivating the creditors to negotiate with us to accept an amount that is less than the full balance owed and creates a win-win situation for the client and the creditor.

Integrity First Financial Services, LLC representatives work on each case individually to determine eligibility of each client. The first step in the process is a free debt consultation to evaluate the savings you may be eligible for in the debt settlement process. Once qualified for the program, our expert debt settlement representatives work with each client to establish a program that allows for repayment of your debt with one easy monthly payment.

Integrity First Financial Services, LLC will work diligently with you to understand your financial issues and find a solution to help you get on track. The time is now. The longer you let your credit debt get out of control – the harder it is going to be to recover. Join the thousands who have taken their financial lives under control and contact us today to take the first step toward financial freedom.

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