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Short Sale Services

Facing financial pressure and foreclosure is stressful, but there are options that can help you minimize the impact on your future. One is known as a short sale. This involves selling the property for less than is owed. Integrity First Financial Services provides short sale services with a network of real estate agents, mortgage bankers, and lenders to help homeowners with short sale foreclosure prevention.

Short sale allows homeowners to sell a property to avoid foreclosure. The homeowner can get free of the property and avoid foreclosure, even if the home is worth less than is owed on the mortgage. The impact on your credit and ability to obtain credit in the future is less than with a full foreclosure on the property.

At Integrity First Financial Services, we offer the advantage of specialists with expertise in short sale processing. We understand the short sale process and have will work with you to negotiate a short sale agreement with your lender. Our staff has the expertise in all areas of the mortgage industry needed to provide the comprehensive service for short sale help.

The short sale foreclosure alternative minimizes the impact on your credit report. There is less impact on your FICO score and the score is impacted for less time – two or three years, rather than seven, as with a foreclosure. Browse our website to learn more about alternatives to foreclosure, including short sale help. Contact us for more information or answers to your questions.

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